Residential Solar Panels

Make the Right Choice

Choosing Solar is easy when you understand the financial benefits, the environmental benefits, and the independence that comes with adding solar. A Solar Bear, solar powered, Florida home can generate 100% of its own energy. Saving you money today, and big money down the road, as the cost of electricity continues to rise.

How Panels Turn Sunlight into Electricity

Solar Panels Collect Sunlight

Solar panels collect sunlight


Power is converted into usable energy


Electricity flows into net meter


Use the electricity produced by the sun

Cooling & Heating (HVAC)

With over 25 years experience of HVAC Contracting in the Tampa bay area, we pride ourselves in educating our customers to make Intelligent buying decisions. Cooling & Heating the home can be up to 50% of your energy bill. If your A/C is inefficient, it could be costing you thousands.

Spray Foam Insulation

Did you know that over 50% of the homes energy escapes from your attic? Having poor insulation could be playing a huge role in your excessively high power bill. Adding air tight spray foam insulation can reduce your energy bill by up to 45%. Not only will it make your home much more efficient, but it adds structural value to the home. Depending on your insurer, you could see a reduction in your home owners insurance.

Your home looks better with Solar.

Not a fact, just our opinion.

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